Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Read about the many challenges ahead in government now that anti-choice politicians have gained numbers in the House and the Senate (Raising Women’s Voices)
  • Colorado voters reject “fetal personhood” initiative, but that won’t prevent similar measures from being on future ballots in other states (Ms. Magazine)
  • Planned Parenthood is keeping score of reproductive rights wins and losses with its spiffy looking election map (PP Action)
  • Wannabe abortion bomber pleads guilty to charges (RH Reality Check)
  • Hope you’re sitting down for this stunning shocker: Recent study indicates oral sex leads to intercourse among teens! (CBS News)
  • The hard road ahead: Anti-choicers outnumber supporters of choice by devastatingly large margins in the upcoming 112th Congress (NARAL)
  • Why Medicaid Coverage for Births and Family Planning Services is Essential (Guttmacher)