Endorsed Candidates

Roe thumbnailPlanned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA) congratulates all of its victorious endorsed candidates and we commend all of our endorsed candidates.  We appreciate and admire their commitment to promoting and protecting reproductive health and rights issues in our state.

These candidates stand with us defiantly against those who want to roll back the clock on reproductive rights. These candidates promise to fight to ensure access to vital care including birth control, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment would not be attacked and we are grateful for that support. As a trusted and essential provider of health care in every part of this country, Planned Parenthood will be here to provide millions more with care, no matter what. And Planned Parenthood Advocates Arizona organized to give the public tools to enhance their political power, at the ballot box, in the halls of the state capitol, and in their own communities.

District Office First Last
Arizona Governor David Garcia
Arizona Attorney General January Contreras
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs
Arizona Treasurer Mark Manoil
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman
1 Senate Jo Craycraft
2 House Rosanna Gabaldon
2 House Daniel Hernandez
2 Senate Andrea Dalessandro
3 House Andres Cano
3 House Alma Hernandez
4 House Charlene Fernandez
4 Senate Lisa Otondo
6 House Felicia French
6 House Bobby Tyler
7 Senate Jamescita Peshlakai
8 House Linda Gross
9 House Randy Friese
9 House Pamela Powers Hannley
9 Senate Victoria Steele
10 House Kirsten Engel
10 House Domingo deGrazia
10 Senate David Bradley
11 House Holly Lyon
11 Senate Ralph Atchue
12 House Joe Bisaccia
14 House Robert Karp
17 House Jennifer Pawlik
17 Senate Steven Weichert
18 House Mitzi Epstein
18 House Jennifer Jermaine
18 Senate Sean Bowie
20 House Hazel Chandler
20 House Chris Gilfillan
20 Senate Douglas Ervin
21 House Gilbert Romero
22 House Valerie Harris
22 House Teri Sarmiento
23 Senate Daria Lohman
24 House Jennifer Longdon
24 Senate Lela Alston
26 House Isela Blanc
26 House Athena Salman
26 Senate Juan Mendez
27 House Reginald Bolding
27 House Diego Rodriguez
27 Senate Rebecca Rios
28 House Kelli Butler
28 Senate Christine Marsh
29 House Rich Andrade
29 Senate Martin Quezada
30 House Raquel Teran
30 Senate Tony Navarrete
Mayor Phx Kate Gallego
School Board Osborn Katie Paetz
School Board Phx Union Stephanie Parra
School Board Phx Union Stanford Prescott
School Board TUSD Adelita Grijalva
School Board TUSD Adam Ragan