Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona is interested in legislation that impacts health care access, reproductive rights, sexuality education, and LGBTQ equality in our state. This year, there are many proposed bills that Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona is following. Typically, only a fraction of the bills that are drafted each session actually move all the way through the legislative process to become law. When a bill has not been assigned to a committee by the mid-point of the session, it usually means that bill is not going to move this year. Below is a list of the bills that we are watching, along with the status of the legislation.

We are proud to support the following bills:

HB 2222: feminine hygiene products; requirements; appropriation
sponsor: Rep. Athena Salman
The all-male House Military, Veterans and Regulatory Affairs (MVRA) committee heard HB 2222, which would have provided feminine hygiene products to inmates for free. The bill was effectively killed by Rules Committee Chair Rep. TJ Shoppe. Although HB 2222 was killed, the Department of Corrections publicly issued their intent to offer 36 pads to inmates per month, and inmates are able to ask for additional items at no charge.
Text: PDF at azleg.gov Status: died in committee
SB 1168: school instruction; AIDS; homosexuality sponsor: Sen. Martín Quezada
SB 1168 would have repealed discriminatory and derogatory language from HIV prevention and education instruction. With Arizona’s HIV infection rate on the rise, prevention education is key to ensuring healthy communities. Sen. Quezada has championed this issue for three sessions in a row, and it did not get a hearing this year either. Click here for more information on the “No Promo Homo” statute.
Text: PDF at azleg.gov Status: dead – didn’t receive a committee hearing
HB 2586: antidiscrimination; employment; housing; public accommodations
sponsor: Rep. Daniel Hernández
HB 2586 was the first bipartisan bill to address LGBTQ discrimination and add sexual orientation and gender identity to Arizona’s nondiscrimination law. We fought for a hearing; however, it was not given one.
Text: PDF at azleg.gov Status: dead – didn’t receive a committee hearing

We oppose the following bills:

SB 1394: DHS; reporting; abortions
sponsor: Sen. Nancy Barto
SB 1394 would add to Arizona’s already robust reporting requirements for abortion. The government’s repeated intrusion into medical decisions and interference with the practice of medicine only further stigmatize women’s health care, particularly abortion; and creates unnecessary burdens for medical providers. This regulation would add to the more than 30 abortion restriction enacted by the state Legislature since 2009.
Text: PDF at azleg.gov Status: Passed Senate; heading to House
SCR 1034: independent redistricting commission; membership
sponsor: Sen. Steve Yarbrough
SCR 1034 would alter the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) to give more power to Republicans to draw legislative district boundaries. The AIRC has been a model throughout the country to remove the map-making tasks from legislatures that inevitably end up in court. SCR 1034 seeks to fundamentally alter who appoints commissioners. SCR 1034 simply needs to pass the House and Senate to be transmitted to the Secretary of State to be placed on the ballot for voters to decide in November; again, forcing opponents to run a No campaign, costing millions of dollars. The bill would fundamentally alter the independence of the Independent Redistricting Commission. It’s also a blatant power grab by Republicans planning for the near future when they are no longer the majority. Although eligible for floor debate, SCR 1034 was notably absent from President Yarborough’s floor agenda. We will continue to rely on partners to monitor and alert us to changes.
Text: PDF at azleg.gov Status: Eligible for floor debate