Election 101

I VotedIt is important to be civically engaged and we want to help you!

Here are some important links to help you register to vote, sign up for the early voting list, and discover who represents you in the legislature:

Vote Early:

Voting early is a great way to vote. Here’s why:

  • It is convenient because you receive the ballot in the mail and can vote in the comfort of your own home.
  • You can take your time and do your research around the issues and the candidates before you vote.
  • You can mail in your ballot instead of having to go to the polls.

Here Is Where You Can Sign Up:

If you are registering to vote, be sure to indicate you want to be on the early voting list. Register to vote here: http://www.azsos.gov/elections/voting-election/register-vote-or-update-your-current-voter-information

If you are already registered, you can choose to get onto the early voting list by completing a new voter registration form and checking the box marked “YES, I want to automatically receive an early ballot for each election for which I am eligible.”

Find more information about voting here: http://www.azsos.gov/election/

Know Your District:

It is important to know your District! Find out what district you live in here: http://azredistricting.org/districtlocator/

Do you know who represents you? Find out: http://www.azleg.gov/alisStaticPages/HowToContactMember.asp