Apply for Endorsement

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA) is proud to endorse candidates for public office who stand for abortion and contraception access, funding for reproductive health care services, comprehensive sex education, and LGBTQ equality.

In selecting candidates to endorse, there are three things we take into consideration:

  1. How important is the race?
  2. Is the candidate prepared to make women’s health a pillar in her/his campaign?
  3. Does the candidate have a robustly viable campaign?

PPAA endorsements are publicized through the PPAA website, social media, press, and voter guides — unless a candidate requests otherwise. Endorsed candidates may receive PPAA volunteer and financial support, and are invited to be featured on our website in the “Meet Our Candidates” interview series we publish every election cycle.

Endorsements are for the current election cycle only. As part of our voter education and mobilization efforts, your response or lack of response may be shared with our membership and the voters of Arizona.

To apply for our endorsement, please fill out our candidate questionnaire here.
Contact for more information.