Book Club: Woman Rebel – The Margaret Sanger Story

Now that comic books have become the source material for blockbuster movies, the oft-told story of the maligned and misunderstood superhero should be a familiar one, even to many who have never read a comic. Think Professor Xavier’s cohort in … Continue reading

The History of the Birth Control Pill, Part 4: Margaret Sanger’s “Magic Pill”

Welcome to the fourth installment of our series chronicling the history of the birth control pill. In the previous installment, progesterone, the birth control pill’s active ingredient, could only be administered intravenously. Scientists working in Mexico figured out how to … Continue reading

Margaret Sanger in Tucson: “Daring to Live”

Margaret Sanger moved to Tucson in the 1930s and soon thereafter decided to live here full time, believing that the warm climate was conducive to good health. The last decades of her life, however, saw her health declining during some of her darkest days. Her declining health was coupled with an addiction to painkillers. On September 6, 1966, Sanger died of arteriosclerosis, just shy of her 88th birthday. Continue reading

Margaret Sanger in Tucson: Home Is Where the Heart Is

If you’ve lived in Tucson, it’s likely that you’ve passed by one of Margaret Sanger’s erstwhile residences. In the 1930s she lived in Tucson’s Foothills and by the next decade she lived on Elm Street, close to the Arizona Inn and the University of Arizona. About 10 years later she helped to design a new house in the Catalina Vista neighborhood. Continue reading

Margaret Sanger in Tucson: Still Going Headstrong

Margaret Sanger’s headstrong personality could be both an asset and an annoyance. Throughout her life she was devoted to advancing the cause of birth control, which helped millions of women and families worldwide, but some of the people in her life were occasionally aggravated by her stubbornness. Continue reading

Margaret Sanger in Tucson: Reclaiming the Spotlight

Margaret Sanger’s more laid-back years in Tucson saw her with the free time to try out new things, such as cooking and painting. Another role in which Sanger indulged was as the hostess of some of Tucson’s most lavish parties. This was partly an attempt to reclaim some of her former celebrity – she missed the attention and sought once again to be in the spotlight, if only locally. Continue reading

Margaret Sanger in Tucson: The Golden Years

One of Tucson’s most infamous residents was Margaret Sanger, namesake of the Margaret Sanger Health Center and inductee into the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame.
Sanger’s years in Tucson saw her winding down from a lifetime of activism, though the decades she spent here were not themselves bereft of accomplishment. She maintained her voice in the debate surrounding birth control, which in the years before the Pill’s debut was as relevant as ever. Continue reading