Vote on November 6: Pink Out the Vote Tomorrow

Not happy with the Trump administration? Tomorrow is our chance to make our voices heard. Our health and rights are at stake. If candidates don’t stand with us on access to safe and legal abortion, affordable birth control, care at Planned Parenthood, or health care equity, then they don’t deserve to represent us.

Kyrsten Sinema for United States Senator

Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorses candidates who they trust to fight for reproductive rights in Washington, DC, and is backing Kyrsten Sinema to be Arizona’s next senator. She has already been representing Arizona in the House of Representatives, and is duking it out with fellow congresswoman Martha McSally to replace the retiring Sen. Jeff Flake.

Whereas Rep. McSally is a proponent of severe abortion restrictions and received a paltry 12 percent on PP Action Fund’s congressional scorecard, Rep. Sinema has a long record of fighting not just for reproductive rights, but also for LGBTQ equality. As she says on her website:

Kyrsten believes a woman, her family, and her doctor should decide what’s best for her health — not Washington politicians. She stands up for women’s health clinics like Planned Parenthood and opposes efforts to let employers deny workers coverage for basic health care like birth control.

Kyrsten believes women deserve equal pay for equal work, and she’s determined to help close the gender pay gap.

David Garcia for Arizona Governor

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona has made endorsements for candidates in state races, including candidates running for state-level positions at the Capitol.

Now that the Supreme Court is packed with judges opposed to reproductive rights, we need a good governor to veto bad laws. A governor’s veto power can make the difference between a state that is hostile to abortion rights and one where people who need this care can access it — just look at what happened after 2009, when Arizona lost Gov. Janet Napolitano, whose veto pen was the firewall that halted anti-abortion legislation. Over the last decade, Arizona became one of the most anti-abortion states in the country.

When Dr. Garcia talked to us earlier this year, he pledged:

As governor, I’ll veto anti-abortion bills and work to overturn laws that erode any rights to make our own personal health care decisions. Without a moderating influence in the governor’s office, Arizona will continue to see bad legislation that chips away at women’s reproductive rights.

January Contreras for Attorney General

Speaking of our entry into the Kavanaugh era, the state attorney general plays a major role in determining how a Supreme Court ruling impacts local law. In addition to a good governor, a good attorney general is more important than ever. We need someone who will fight for our constitutional rights during a time so many of them are coming under attack.

When Ms. Contreras talked to us earlier this year, she proclaimed:

Every woman has the right to make her own reproductive choices under our Constitution, and when Arizona’s elected officials show indifference to this constitutional right, they are reiterating their belief that liberty and privacy don’t count for women. It’s unacceptable not only because these actions trample all over the Constitution, but also because it’s a misuse of taxpayer funds to pursue litigation that is legally indefensible. The attorney general should be committed to upholding the Constitution and protecting the rights of all Arizonans.

Katie Hobbs for Secretary of State

When the Obama administration asked former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to serve as the secretary of homeland security, Arizonans lost the protections offered by her veto pen. Per state law, Secretary of State Jan Brewer was first in line to replace the governor, ushering in an era of increased abortion restrictions. That example is just one reason why it’s important to have a good secretary of state, and we endorse Katie Hobbs for the job. She will bring her long record of fighting for reproductive rights straight to the Capitol!

When Ms. Hobbs talked to us in 2012, she said:

I think that if people have all of the information, they are the best equipped to make the best decision about what is right in their lives. Those trying to restrict women’s health care choices are not concerned with providing all the information, only the information that will achieve the outcome they desire. They throw around misinformation about how dangerous abortion is, yet they fail to acknowledge that carrying a pregnancy to term presents all of the same risks and more to the health of the woman. Every woman should have the opportunity to make this really important decision in her life.

Mark Manoil for State Treasurer

Some people might be tempted to skip voting for treasurer, opting instead to cast ballots for more high-profile races. But, with some research, you can confidently mark your ballot from the top to the bottom — including for Mark Manoil, our choice for Arizona’s next treasurer.

When he talked to us last month, he stated:

While reproductive rights and health is not a main issue that a state treasurer can directly make a difference in, I try to be a positive example by advocating for women’s choice in order to normalize it within society. I believe that my platform will also indirectly influence reproductive rights/health by improving the quality of education and resources women receive. With greater educational and job opportunities, they will not be a prisoner of their circumstances and can empower them to make whatever choice they feel best fits their life. Through a stronger health care infrastructure in Arizona, we will have a healthier population, which in turn means a healthier workforce. I will advocate for these improvements to ensure all Arizonans are able to maximize their potential within society.

Learn more about voting at March. Vote. Win. Find endorsed candidates in Arizona and elsewhere.