Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • John McCainJohn McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins broke from the degenerate cretins of the GOP and helped DEFEAT the repeal of Obamacare. I can’t believe I’m typing this. (CNN)
  • As we’ve all said umpteen times, the GOP succeeding at defunding Planned Parenthood would have overwhelmed other clinics and left women with few options — which is the opposite of what anyone with a heart should want. (WaPo)
  • An interesting new study of 358 gay male couples showed that HIV-positive men who are on treatment that makes the virus undetectable do not transmit HIV to their partners during condomless anal intercourse. (NBC News)
  • ICYMI: No. 45’s administration is cutting funding for teen pregnancy prevention and 148 members of Congress are demanding answers. I doubt they’ll get them, but appreciate the effort. (Rewire)
  • As a black woman, this broke my heart and seared my soul: The No. 1 cause of death among black women under 35 is intimate partner violence. Men are killing us. Frequently. Brutally. (The Root)
  • Proenza Schouler did a video love note to Planned Parenthood. I dig it. (The Cut)
  • Did you know that since since January, 49 states have introduced almost 600 pieces of legislation to protect and advance access to reproductive health care services?! (Elle)
  • The controversy over the effects of Essure (a permanent method of sterilization for women) continues to rage on. (WaPo)
  • When it comes to trying to undercut women’s access to reproductive heath care, Texas will not S T O P. (Guttmacher)
  • They also passed their unconscionable “bathroom bill.” Ugh. (The Daily Beast)
  • Another state choosing to burden women with more abortion restrictions? Missouri. Like Texas, they’re becoming notorious for this crap. (Jezebel)

2 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  1. The thought of my tax dollars paying for termination of pregnancies is inconceivable. I am forced to participate in a “Trolley Problem” that breaches my personal constitution of morals and the application thereof.

    Planned Parenthood should not receive Federal funding. With 5013c status and capital exchange, let economies of scale determine the organizations survival. The willing allocation of funds from pro choice advocates will terminate participation forced upon conscientious objectors. We all know that the “Hyde Amendment” simply enables Federal tax payer dollars to pay compartmentalized costs that keep the doors open and the lights on while “freeing up” other revenues for costs associated with the termination of pregnancies.

    Talk about dualism. The inextricable and tendentious juxtaposition of spirit and body. You actually think you can separate spirit and law regarding a moral issue such as this? Let’s have the discussion and in the mean time don’t make me “throw the switch” monetarily (see “Trolley Problem”). What is the source of this problem people? This is not a gender specific issue. We are all accountable. Humanity as a whole is wrestling with hamartia. Do you treat the symptom of an illness and expect a cure? Can a sterile government free of moral conceptions ever settle matters of the heart? No. The cure has to start within each individual. I have to expect the possibility of heart change within people even though humanity seems so self desiring that change appears unlikely. I hope that the cancer of narcissism that seeks to kill moral objectivity will not propagate with perpetuity in the heart’s of humanity. Keep the freewill right to choose and let abortion advocates pay for abortion. Please don’t put my money where your mouth is. You cannot fix the problem with money.

    “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    • Planned Parenthood receives reimbursement for services provided, such as cancer screenings, birth control, and STD testing. Federal funds are not used to pay for abortions — nor are they used to pay electricity bills or cover the costs of building maintenance.

      If you are against abortion, you might be happy to hear that Planned Parenthood helps people avoid unwanted pregnancies by providing education and reliable contraception. Services like these keep abortion rates much lower than do policies that reduce access to this education and health care. Additionally, you might be pleased to learn that people who keep their pregnancies are able to protect their health and their babies’ health by obtaining services offered by Planned Parenthood.

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