Women’s Equality Day: Vote to Ensure Your Equality Every Day

1911-SuffragettesIn 1971, Bella Abzug — U.S. Representative, leader of the Women’s Movement, co-founder of the National Women’s Political Caucus, and close friend of Gloria Steinem — introduced legislation for Women’s Equality Day to observe the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote.

To ensure your equality is protected every single day, vote in the primary election today!

While it is important to remember that the right to vote and have an equal voice was not so easily granted, gender equality does not begin and end with one day, one amendment, or one right granted to women (only 94 years ago). The right to vote, however, is the catalyst to ensure that every day is a day of equality for women. By wielding your right to vote during primary, local, and national elections, you have the power to elect officials who will enact the legislation that protects you against inequalities including, but not limited to:

To ensure your equality is protected every single day, be sure to vote in the primary election today, August 26. If you missed the deadline to register to vote in the primary election, you still have until Monday, October 6, to register for the general election in November.

Here is some additional information to ensure that your voting process goes smoothly and your voice is heard:

  • Get to your polling place. Enter some identifying information here to find out where you need to go to vote.
  • Register to vote for the general elections on Tuesday, November 4. If you still need to register to vote, go here to view Arizona’s registration requirements.
  • Bring the proper identification with you to the polling station. When you show up at your polling place, you will have to present proof of identification. A photo ID is only one of several accepted options. Follow this list for guidance on the accepted forms of identification.

As a woman, you have the right to equality regardless of whether or not you use your right to vote; however, by voting, you will help facilitate the legislation required to protect women and hold those accountable who refuse to uphold our status as equals.