Chad Campbell Calls for New Faces at the Capitol

Campbell ChadEditor’s Note: We loved Chad Campbell’s Arizona Republic op-ed so much that we couldn’t help but share it with our readers, as it so perfectly encapsulates our feelings about the current legislative movement here in Arizona! Please take a look at the below excerpt and click the link to read the rest. And, if you’re in the Phoenix area, why don’t you come to the I Stand With Planned Parenthood luncheon on March 14 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, where we will be honoring Rep. Campbell, the minority leader in the Arizona House and an amazing ally for reproductive justice!

Arizona has been in the spotlight yet again for legislation so incredibly outrageous that it never should have made it to the governor’s desk.

Extreme conservatives in the Legislature are so out of touch with Arizonans, they can’t be bothered with what is best for the state and its citizens. This is all about their ideology, an ideology that wants to legalize discrimination.

This controversy has already hurt the image of our state, but similar bills have been introduced in about 10 states. The specifics vary, but all of them would allow private corporations to discriminate against LGBT individuals.

This orchestrated effort is one I have seen many times, locally and nationally, with bills that discriminate against women and their right to make health-care decisions.

The Center for Arizona Policy, the organization behind the “religious freedom” bill, has pushed an endless barrage of bills that have attacked women and reproductive health care over the past three years.

While we have expressed outrage with Senate Bill 1062 and its discrimination, the U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to hear two cases from corporations arguing that they have a religious right to take away birth-control coverage from their employees.

Let’s be completely clear: Churches and religious organizations don’t have to give employees birth control, and they don’t have to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

That’s not what these bills or these cases are about. They’re about private corporations attempting to get a free pass, under the cover of religious freedom, to discriminate.

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