Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Mississippi’s sole abortion clinic is at risk for closure thanks to their staunchly anti-choice governor. (CNN)
  • The FBI is investigating fires set at Georgia Women’s Clinics — hope they catch the sadist! (HuffPo)
  • Think carefully about this before you get knocked up, ladies: A fear of childbirth has been linked to longer labor. (Time Healthland)
  • Catholic bishops in Calgary have banned the HPV vaccine in Catholic schools due to their irrational, ignorant fears that it will cause promiscuity. (National Post)
  • Wow, this never happens: California actually wants to give women more access to birth control. (NC Times)
  • The National Organization for Women is firmly in the corner of President Obama for reelection. (Politico)
  • The FDA recently approved the first rapid, take-home HIV test. (USA Today)
  • Good news for those who are truly pro-life and genuinely care about the lives of women: Meeting Contraception Needs Could Cut Maternal Deaths by a Third. (NYT)
  • The public sharing of abortion stories — a meaningful way to de-stigmatize the procedure and connect women. (RH Reality Check)