Governor Brewer Is Imposing Her Beliefs on Arizonans

Editor’s Note: The following piece is a guest blog post from Planned Parenthood Arizona President and CEO Bryan Howard.

Gov. Jan Brewer isn’t shy about her goals. She wants to give government and employers power over women’s private medical decisions. She wants to undermine women’s access to reproductive health care. And she wants to take away public funding from every single Planned Parenthood health center in Arizona.

“I do not support the goals of Planned Parenthood. They believe in choice. So let’s just cut right through the fat and tell it like it is.” — Gov. Jan Brewer

Opponents of women’s health in the Arizona legislature have done everything they can to give Gov. Brewer whatever she wants. In the face of these relentless attacks, providing care to Arizona women and families has become more difficult than ever.

But I’m not giving up on our patients, and I’m not giving in to Gov. Brewer’s bullying. Neither are the doctors, nurses, staff, and volunteers at Planned Parenthood Arizona health centers. Arizona women continue to make their way to our 14 health centers to protect their health, and our doors will be open to them no matter what. And attacking Planned Parenthood in Arizona is attacking Planned Parenthood everywhere.

Gov. Brewer has done more damage to women’s health in her three years in office than any governor in Arizona history. But nothing compares to the attacks on women’s health in 2012. This year, she and other opponents of women’s health in the Arizona legislature passed four bills restricting women’s access to health care. They’re forcing women to live by their rules on birth control, cancer screenings, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Arizona’s current political leaders are endangering women’s health, dismantling our constitutional protections, and overriding modern medical standards — and women will pay the price for years to come

We have fought assailants like Jan Brewer before. And despite one assault after another, we have kept our doors open, our staff have come to work, and women’s health needs have been met. We will continue to do what we’ve done throughout our 78-year history, in good times and bad: provide for the health and well-being of all Arizona women.

That’s what Planned Parenthood does, in Arizona and everywhere — but it’s only possible because of the courage and generosity of our supporters in the community — the 70 percent of Arizonans who support the work we do.

In an interview last week, Gov. Brewer made it clear that she doesn’t care what the majority of Arizonans who support Planned Parenthood think. Asked about her relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood and women’s health, she said, “I guess it’s imposing what I believe in.”

Women in Arizona can’t afford to let Gov. Brewer impose her dangerous ideology on them. And I can promise you that Planned Parenthood won’t stop fighting back.

We are proud to provide our health care services to women, men, teens — all Arizonans.

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  1. I cannot believe that Brewer is doing this to all women of AZ. I guess she has never needed to use a low cost medical facility before. She must be in the hip pocket of our current federal government idiots. They to are taking away womens rights and pushing us back to the 1950’s.

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