Life-Saving Cancer Screenings for Many Arizonans May Be Eliminated Soon

HB 2800 is being heard tomorrow, March 14, in the House Healthcare Committee.

House Bill 2800 will have a devastating effect on women’s health care in Arizona. This bill effectively singles out Planned Parenthood Arizona by attempting to prohibit us from providing family planning services including life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, and basic health care to thousands of Arizonans on AHCCCS and Title X.

Recent public polling shows that 78 percent of Arizonans support public funding for family planning services. For every $1 the state invests in family planning programs for low-income women, Arizona taxpayers save $4 in Medicaid costs associated with unintended pregnancies. Arizona can’t afford to lose this funding that our friends and neighbors rely on to plan their futures! This bill jeopardizes thousands of federal dollars coming to Arizona!

Why do these legislators want to throw away taxpayer money?


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