This Week, Say Goodbye to Birth Control and Religious Freedom

The political assault on women’s health care that has overwhelmed America in recent weeks is reaching a climax in Arizona THIS week.

No less than six bills that will make it harder or even impossible to get various women’s health care services are being voted on in committee hearings in these five days.

Every one of these bills is poised to become law if we don’t fight back NOW and LOUDLY.

The Arizona legislature and media need to know women are paying attention, fighting mad, and will remember every legislator who supports these bills on election day.

Birth control, medically necessary abortion, and even accurate information for women are all at risk.

If you are like me, you find it hard to believe our Arizona politics have come to this, especially when our state and its residents are facing so many real, grave challenges.

But, just as we’ve seen 116,000 Texas women lose access to family planning, Arizona women are next in the firing line TODAY.


Arizona lawmakers don’t think Arizona women are up to defending their own health care. I think they are very wrong.

We still have a window to stop this assault, but the window is closing and may slam shut completely by the end of this week. What will you do?

Rush Limbaugh said women who stand up for access to birth control are “sluts.”  Now Arizona Senator Carl Seel is launching a new campaign to decide where women can get their birth control, if they can get it at all.

I wonder what names Senator Seel will call women who dare to oppose his proposal?

If we are going to beat this assault, we all need to take action NOW.  Every opponent of women’s health care in the Arizona House and Senate needs to see their email inboxes filled to capacity with messages saying:


The media need to hear from you too! They need to know you are sick and tired of their failure to speak out against these proposals.


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