Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Congresswoman Jackie Speier goes to bat for Planned Parenthood AND the women of America with her courageous abortion confession on the House floor (Huff Po)
  • Abortion provider, Dr. Lynette Leighton describes how a childhood friend’s attempts to self-abort inspired her to provide women with safer options and choices. (RH Reality Check)
  • South Dakota introduces legislation to allow the murder of abortion providers to be classified as “justifiable homicide”. So much for the term “pro-life”. (Feministing)
  • Oh wait, nevermind. South Dakota was just jiving us about the murder of abortion doctors falling under the umbrella of “justifiable homicide”. (Jezebel)
  • Do you think asking someone to die for your personal religious beliefs is fair and just? The Catholic church does! (Huff Po)
  • Five Ways The GOP Is Trying To Eradicate A Woman’s Right To Choose (Think Progress)
  • Awesome DC city council member introduces bill to allow pharmacists to dispense birth control without a prescription (Wa Po)
  • Check out’s powerful “Coat Hanger” abortion ad, complete with famous pro-choice TV star! (Huff Po)

One thought on “Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  1. Argh, that Washington Post article drove me sort of crazy. I hate the “false balance” that so many journalists seek, which often causes them to give equal consideration to two sides of an issue, even when one side is in actuality only a fringe group (as in “scientists” who don’t believe in evolution or climate change) or perpetuates factually inaccurate statements (as in the case of Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League, who was quoted in the article as saying that birth control pills kill babies, which is just not true). Journalists should seek voices from across the spectrum, but I think it veers into irresponsible territory when they let their sources perpetuate lies, which go unchallenged.

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