ACT NOW – More Attacks on Planned Parenthood in Arizona


You wouldn’t believe what we’re seeing in the Arizona Legislature. Anti-choice legislators have launched one of the most shocking attacks on women’s health we’ve ever seen. Last Wednesday easily could have been dubbed “Anti-Woman Day” at the Arizona Legislature. Several anti-choice bills were voted on in two committees that day, including two resolution bills, HCR2034 and SCR1017, which have the singular purpose of singing the praises of deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Centers, as well as three of the other anti-woman bills we alerted you to last week, SB1246 (the bill that redefines taking a pill as a surgical abortion), HB2443 (Abortion; Sex and Race Selection; Prohibition) and SB1265 (Tax Credit Ban on Planned Parenthood). Despite all of your emails last week, all of these bills passed out of their committees.

Take a moment and view the hearings on these bills; you will be shocked! Our legislators hear the truth about how these bills will hurt women AND VOTE FOR THEM ANYWAY! They need to hear from you!  To view the testimony and see for yourself:
HB2443: Forward to 56:09
SB1246: Forward to 2:43:29
SB1265: Forward to 3:47:43

The House version of SB1265, HB2384, will be voted on in the House Health and Human Services Committee this Wednesday. This bill would prevent any entity that accepts any public money (universities, hospitals, community health providers, domestic violence prevention) from referring clients to Planned Parenthood and excludes all charitable organizations from eligibility for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit on the basis of referring for or providing abortion care, and is specifically targeted at Planned Parenthood, like much of the national-level legislation that we have been alerting you to over the past weeks. TAKE ACTION and urge the legislators on this committee to VOTE NO on HB2384.

As well, SB1390, which would require doctors who provide any type of abortion, including abortion-by-pill, to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the health center (even if the nearest hospital discriminates against doctors who provide abortion or work with Planned Parenthood), will be voted on in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday. TAKE ACTION to urge the members of that committee to VOTE NO.

Thank you for your support of the women and families of Arizona. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on action alerts and the latest pro-choice news.

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  2. So much bad news these days. And not to be shamelessly partisan, but re: HB2443, I love it when the Religious Right pretends to care about racism! On the one hand, I would be shocked if that bill were to pass, but on the other hand, this state has earned a reputation for crazy bills since we got our “lovely” new governor … Ugh.

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