Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Gardasil vaccine protects men against HPV too! (Time)
  • An Unfortunate History Of Abortion Provider Evictions
  • It never, ever ends: Ohio introducing a bill to outlaw abortion once a fetus develops a heartbeat (ABC News)
  • As They Seek to Ban Abortion, GOP Also Moves to Eliminate Title X Family Planning Program (RH Reality Check)
  • Pittsburgh settles lawsuit with anti-choice street harasser protester who attested the city’s buffer zones around clinics hindered her ability to yell at strangers and pass out propaganda (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  • The Economics of Abortion (Politics Daily)
  • Great OP-ED from New York Times columnist Gail Collins about the siege of Planned Parenthood (NYT)

One thought on “Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  1. I think I’ve already established how very much in favor I am of HPV vaccination for males. 🙂 I don’t understand why we’d only target half the population when this virus is so common and so easily spread. Just because cancer rates are lower for males doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about males as a source of transmission, at the very least.

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