ACTION ALERT: Second Anti-Choice Bill in House Committee TOMORROW!

We apologize for the second action alert in a matter of hours, but we just found out that the House Health and Human Services Committee will be voting on a second anti-choice bill tomorrow, in addition to HB 2416, which we alerted you to earlier today.  HB 2443 will also be voted on TOMORROW, and we need you to email the committee members and encourage them to VOTE NO on this bill as well.

Here is some background information on this bill:
House Bill 2443 – Abortion; Sex; Race Selection; Prohibition
HB 2443 tries to create the impression that women and families are deciding to end pregnancies on the basis of race or gender. Since there is scant — if any — evidence that such a problem exists, these bills are solely designed to further damage the reputations of women who choose abortion.

This bill will deny abortion care services to women who do not disclose the reason for choosing to terminate a pregnancy. If implemented, this bill will negatively impact medical privacy and provider/patient relationships by requiring a woman to explain why she has elected to terminate her pregnancy and by forcing her to sign an affidavit stating that the abortion is not for sex or race selection.

HB 2443 is an insult to all women, many of whom face difficult, emotionally overwhelming decisions for real reasons, not those imagined by proponents of this bill.

Click here to read more information and Planned Parenthood’s analysis of HB 2443, and to send a letter opposing HB 2443. Then help us spread the word by using the share buttons at the bottom of this post to alert your Facebook and Twitter networks.

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