Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Catholic bishop excoriates Arizona’s St. Joseph’s hospital for terminating a woman’s pregnancy in order to save her life. Apparently the term “pro-life” only covers the life of a fetus and not the life of a woman. Good to know! (AZ Central)
  • Anti-choice hypocrisy must be contagious in the state of Arizona. Gov. Jan Brewer: “Pro-life” when it comes to fetuses, but clearly “Anti-life” when it comes to her constituents who need life-saving organ transplants (Huff Po)
  • Teen parents talk legal, financial consequences of sex (USA Today)
  • Another state decides not to trust women: New Alaska abortion notification law takes effect (Reuters)
  • Oral contraceptives exonerated! It turns out, the pill is not responsible for the majority of the estrogen in our drinking water (Web MD)
  • Opponents of a woman’s right to choose are serving up a big helping of threatening, anti-choice rhetoric with a side of butterflies, cute puppies, smiling moons, hearts, and child-like alphabet letters. Sort of like a big unappetizing bowl of Anti-choice Lucky Charms! (Jezebel)