Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Study on self-induced abortion in the U.S. finds that many of the women who attempt to self-abort are young teens. Lack of funds is cited as the main reason they didn’t go to a clinic instead (Ibis Reproductive Health)
  • New CDC report finds boys get less sex education than girls (Sociological Images)
  • Alaska Catholics Make Up “Abortion Gift Certificates” Scandal (Care 2 Protect Women’s Rights)
  • African-American women at higher risk of pregnancy-related death (The Grio)
  • States Restrict Health Insurance Coverage of Abortion (Guttmacher)
  • Because innovative birth control methods have been hogged up by humans for too long, there is now a canine version of “The Pill” (ABC 7)
  • Despite how wrongfully they’re demonized, late term abortions are critically necessary procedures for many women (RH Reality Check)