Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Study: Teen Girls More Likely to Have Risky Sex Than Teen Boys (Time)
  • Fighting the Black Anti-Abortion Campaign: Trusting Black Women (On The Issues)
  • Can anorexia lead to unplanned pregnancy? (Salon)
  • Fighting for our rights: The Center For Reproductive Rights Takes FDA Back to Court Over Morning-After Pill (CRR)
  • ‘Hyper-Texting’ Teens More Likely to Have Had Sex, Tried Drugs (Time)
  • What pro-lifers can learn from the Princeton abortion conference (Slate)
  • Is It Harmful to Take Emergency Contraception Multiple Times? (RH Reality Check)
  • Unintended pregnancies aren’t ‘accidents’ (LA Times)

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  1. Thank you, Stacey, for this very interesting collection of articles. Every piece is interesting and offers important information.

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