Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Judge won’t block new Arizona abortion restrictions (East Valley Tribune)
  • Girls want their dads involved in “the sex talk” (Time)
  • Grieving husband confronts anti-abortion protesters (Salon)
  • The economic downturn has created an uptick in birth control use (SF Gate)
  • Contraceptive gel may serve as alternative to the pill (AOL Health)
  • So much for “age appropriate” conversations: Republican Congresswoman decides to tell a bunch of first graders all about abortion (Huff Po)
  • “Fetal personhood” measure could make abortion illegal in Mississippi (Washington Times)

2 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  1. It doesn’t seem like contraceptive gel would offer a benefit over pills, but I guess it’s always good to have different options! The New York Times had a really interesting article this week on unexpected downsides to hormone creams, however.

  2. Anna, it’s interesting that you bring this up in relation to animals experiencing the effects of menopause treatments, because testosterone creams have similar issues. If they have a female partner, trans-guys have to make sure to put the cream on a part of the body that isn’t likely to get touched by their partner, such as the back of the knee, so that their partner doesn’t inadvertently absorb testosterone themselves. However, this might be worth the risk, because the T cream is much cheaper than doing lozenges, and many trans-guys don’t want to have to take T shots (which is the cheapest hormone treatment available). There’s also a patch (kinda like the birth control patch).

    Like you said – it’s good to have options.

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