Fight Anti-Choice Extremism in Southern AZ

Opponents of choice and reproductive rights are always ready with inflammatory statements and divisive rhetoric, but there’s one candidate who’s taking her extremism to a new level. Ruth McClung, who’s challenging long-time progressive champion Congressman Raúl Grijalva, told a community forum a few weeks ago that she can’t support a local job training program because it has “extensive ties” to Planned Parenthood, and as someone who’s “extremely pro-life,” she just has too many concerns. Click here to watch a video of Ruth McClung in her own words.

The program is called JobPath, and it’s modeled on the extremely successful Project Quest in San Antonio. JobPath has been training workers for the Pima County area for more than 20 years, and it’s roundly hailed as a boon to the local economy. Ruth McClung is opposing job training in Southern Arizona because she’s too anti-choice. (No wonder Sarah Palin endorsed McClung a few days ago.) It’s a strange position, even in this strange election year.  It’s especially strange because McClung won’t talk straight about her own position. She claimed to support choice in cases of rape and incest or to protect the life of the woman,but then she turned around and attacked Raúl for cosponsoring HR 5151, the Freedom of Choice Act, which makes sure doctors can’t deny reproductive services to women on a case-by-case basis. She’s been endorsed by the National Right to Life PAC and would be a reliable anti-choice vote in Congress.

Raúl, on the other hand, has been a champion for choice since his first day in Congress. He’s facing a tough re-election this year thanks to hundreds of thousands of dollars in conservative donations, and he needs your support. Please consider giving to his campaign today. We can’t afford to have Ruth McClung in Washington next year —especially when she uses Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights as punching bags and misrepresents us.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund proudly endorses Raúl Grijalva for Congress in District 7. Please visit his website for more information, and visit Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona’s website for a complete list of our endorsed candidates.

2 thoughts on “Fight Anti-Choice Extremism in Southern AZ

  1. I work in Grijalva’s office as a canvasser. Many times we talk to democrats who have previously supported Grijalva, but are unhappy over the boycott. I think it is important to note that Grijalva called for a boycott in order to send a message to Jan Brewer and other republicans, but he quickly realized this was not an effective way to go about it. There is no longer a boycott associated with Congressman Grijalva.

    I think he is a fabulous candidate who loves Tucson and loves Arizona. He has very strong roots here. Plus, his office has Planned Parenthood posters and information in the lobby :]

  2. Thanks for telling us that, Madelaine. I would still support Grijalva, even if he were still supporting a boycott, because I agreed with it. But the more important issue here is reproductive health. And both you and the article show that he is a committed pro-choice advocate. For me, that is the bottom line.

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