Planned Parenthood Opposes Props 106, 107, and 302

ballot boxPlanned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona opposes Propositions 106, 107, and 302, and here’s why:

Proposition 106, the misnamed Arizona Health Insurance Reform Amendment
Prop. 106 would amend the Arizona Constitution to limit Arizonans’ choices to plans offered by private insurers, and it would block Arizona’s participation in the federal health care reform plan. There are now more than one million Arizonans without health insurance—one-fifth of our state’s population – and if this initiative were to pass, Arizonans would be barred from ever participating in a government-backed health care plan that would ensure every Arizonan was covered, regardless of pre-existing conditions or ability to pay.

Prop 106 does nothing to increase health care choices for our citizens; it does not expand access to care for those without coverage or who do not have the ability to pay for needed care. Regardless of your views on the federal health care reform plan now, this proposition would make it difficult for the state to participate in the future, limiting the state’s options for its citizens.

Proposition 107, The Anti-Equal Opportunity Initiative
This proposed constitutional amendment will ban equal opportunity requirements and programs in employment, public education and public contracting. It will dismantle Arizona’s successful equal opportunities programs and endanger our state’s ability to educate the diverse workforce needed to attract new businesses and improve our state’s economy.

Prop 107 will change Arizona’s Constitution to prohibit the state (as well as local governments, schools and universities) from offering any type of equal opportunity programs to women and people of color in Arizona. Prop 107 is not about protecting civil rights or ending discrimination as some claim, but will end all programs intended to achieve equal opportunity for women and minorities.

Proposition 302, Repeal of the First Things First Program.
Arizona voters passed a new tobacco tax in 2006 specifically to establish The Early Child Health and Development program, known as First Things First. This program is dedicated to enabling all Arizona children to enter school healthy and ready to succeed by improving child health, parenting support and early childhood education. PPAA believes we should build on the foundation established by the voter initiative and continue dedicating these resources to the education and development of Arizona’s youngest children. Arizonans recognize the importance of health and education in the first years of life, the relative lack of services for Arizona’s youngest citizens, and improving child health and education so the state no longer ranks at or near the bottom in almost every survey.

Proposition 302 would abolish this voter-approved commitment to investing in early childhood education and development and redirect all its funds to the General Fund. As voters in this state, we must trust that the initiatives and funding we approve at the ballot will be respected and instituted as written.

For more information about the ballot propositions, as well as the pro-choice candidates running for office, be sure to check out the PPAA Voter Guide, as well as our list of endorsed candidates, which is available on our website. This election is an important crossroads for the state of Arizona. To get involved to change the course of Arizona politics, send an e-mail to