U of A Students Rally for Terry Goddard


The University of Arizona mall was packed with students yesterday. Terry Goddard was the keynote speaker at a rally organized by several student organizations, included VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood. Other Democratic candidates for office, such as Rodney Glassman, Chris Deschene, and Penny Kotterman, also spoke to the enthusiastic crowd. And as usual, Planned Parenthood volunteers showed up in droves at the event to show their support for the PPAA-endorsed candidates.

Terry Goddard emphasized that if he is elected governor, his top priority will be education, because education is the key to Arizona’s economic recovery and its ability to compete in a world market. He closed his remarks by urging people to get involved by committing to tell ten people about what the election means to them.

Goddard’s remarks were echoed by the other speakers. Rodney Glassman, who is running for the US Senate against John McCain, said that education and job creation should be the top two issues in this election. Chris Deschene, who is running for Secretary of State, argued that Arizona’s leaders needed to set political differences aside to help move the state forward, and that his vision of leadership includes everyday people getting involved to help change the state. Penny Kotterman, who is running for State Superintendent of Public Education, said that it’s time to put a teacher in charge of running the state’s education system, and she asked the audience members to talk to their family and friends about the importance of this election.

Terry Goddard with PPAA volunteers

All of the candidates gave a shout out to the Planned Parenthood volunteers who wore their lovely pink shirts to the rally. Shannon James, the president of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood and one of the rally’s organizers, said that she supports Terry Goddard for governor because, “I see what Jan Brewer has done since she became the governor, and she wasn’t even elected by the people. She has been attacking women’s health since she took office, and I want to change that.”

Alana Varner, another member of VOX, says that she supports Terry Goddard “for a lot of reasons. He’s pro-choice. He’s pro-education. He has actual plans to create jobs in the state. And he’s not just focused on special interests, the way Jan Brewer is. We need a pro-choice governor in office, and that’s why I support Terry Goddard.”

We’re only weeks away from the election on November 2nd, and we’re in the crunch. Stay in the loop with @ppazaction on Twitter to get daily election updates about the PPAA-endorsed pro-choice candidates. And just like Terry Goddard urged the audience yesterday, it’s time to tell your family and friends what this election means. Help get out the pro-choice vote by telling people to vote their convictions and vote pro-choice. And if you want to take action for choice by volunteering with Planned Parenthood to elect these candidates, email advocate@ppaz.org