Cheers to AZ Lawmakers Who Stand Up for Women … and Jeers to Those Who Let Us Down!

Hundreds of bills moved through the Arizona Legislature this past spring and into the summer; some of which, as you know, will drastically impact women’s access to reproductive care.

Planned Parenthood Arizona fought diligently for the reproductive rights of all Arizona women and families. There was common sense legislation offered that addressed fundamental health care needs, only to have it mischaracterized and rejected by anti-choice legislators. Positive proposals such as offering comprehensive, responsible sex education in Arizona schools were never even considered.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to review your legislators’ voting record and to contact them with a message of CHEERS or JEERS to let them know how you feel about their votes on issues related to choice this legislative session.

Our easy-to-use Legislative Scorecard gives a description of each bill we tracked this session as well as a list of how every State Representative and State Senator voted on each of those bills. If you are unsure about who your Legislators are, click here.